Endless Winter


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Take on the role of different tribal leaders and lead the tribes through the ages. Ensure sufficient development by going hunting, expand your tribes and build your society! Are you ready to defy the ages?

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Product description Endless Winter

With the new board game Endless Winter you travel back to 10,000 years BC. When you play the game, you take on the role of different tribal leaders leading their tribes through different eras. At the start of Endless Winter you are in charge of a hunter-gatherer group, which you must help develop into a civilized tribal community throughout the game. You do this by exploring, traveling around, expanding your tribe, hunting big game and building megaliths, large stone buildings.

In each round of Endless Winter, three different phases are completed: the action phase, the eclipse phase and the new generation phase. The action phase consists of playing different cards and performing actions. Examples of actions are hunting and development. With every action you take, you take your tribe one step further. In the first phase you also prepare for the eclipse phase. In the Stone Age, astronomical events regularly took place that caused major conflict between different tribes. After such events, a new generation took over from the old generation, which happens in the third phase of the game. When these three phases have been completed, a new round starts where you develop your tribe.

The points distributed during Endless Winter are awarded in different areas at the end of the game. This includes the collected animal, tribe and culture cards, together with the sacrifice track and the honor track. The one who has collected the most points at the end of the game has managed to lead his tribe to prosperity and has won the game.

About the publisher White Goblin

White Goblin Games is a Dutch publisher with a leading position on the games market in the Benelux. They have a wide range of well-known games such as: “Ubongo” and “Claim”
White Goblin Games is a Dutch publisher with a leading position in the games market in the Benelux. Their versatile range of board, card and dice games offers fun for young and old. Many of their games have been nominated for and won national and international awards.

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EAN: 8718026305192
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