What makes a party game a party game? Including a nice top 10!

A category that you can find a lot of within board games is party games or board games. One person is thrilled when games like 30 seconds come onto the table, while the other doesn't want any of it. But what exactly are party games and which party games are really fun? We will explain this to you in combination with a top 10 list!   


A party game is characterized by two important features. Firstly accessibility and secondly the number of players. A good party game is accessible to any random person who comes flying in. It doesn't matter whether you play games more often or never, you can participate immediately. Of course there is some variation and there are more difficult party games that require some preparation. The idea is that there is a game leader who knows all the rules, but the game itself must be immediately playable without complicated long explanations or many rules. So fun is the most important thing. That brings us to the second important point, the number of players. Most party games are from 3 to many players, some can even play with infinitely many people. But most importantly, they are most fun with larger numbers such as 4, 5, 6, or sometimes even more than 10 people. So think carefully about how many people you expect to play with when you choose a game and which game is very suitable for that number.   


Code names

This is a game you play in team against team. It can be done with quite a few players because there is someone in each team who says a word and the rest have to guess. This game is like many well-known party games with a clue and then guessing. What makes this really fun is that you have to clarify which words stand for a bad guy and slowly dismantle them all without encountering civilians or even worse the murderer. It is possible to make a mistake, but it can also mean that it is the end of the exercise.  

Throw Throw Burrito    

This is a different type of party game, where you hope there are no breakable or valuable things around. There is even a variant for outdoors. The idea is simple and recognizable. Everyone plays cards and certain combinations of cards activate a trigger. In this case, at the trigger you immediately throw the burrito to another player who has to catch it. Guaranteed the ingredient for a fun party (and a lot of mess?).

Trial by trolley

This party game is one in the category of having a nice chat. You preferably play this with an odd number of players and at 5 the division between time per player and enough people for a nice discussion is best, but you can certainly go for 7 or maybe even 9 people. The idea is simple, a bit crude, but that is also the character of the game and the category of party games. Someone is the conductor and arrives at a switch, the rest divide into two teams and try to convince the conductor to actually come their way in order to score points.
To achieve this, objects are first placed on the track, such as famous Dutch people, babies who later become serial killers, attributes that mean a lot to someone, and so on. There is then a discussion about why it is better to drive over the other side, which then leads to a choice by the conductor. The nice thing about this game is that scoring is done individually, the role of the conductor is passed on every round and the teams therefore also change per turn.

In addition to these 3 party games, we of course have many more variants and options. You can find this on the page with party games
As an extra in this blog, we have a nice top 11 with party games that you really should play once. A great diversity and fun to try out, even if you are not a fan of party games.


  1. Dobble

Simplicity, speed and good looks. Can be played from the age of 3. Find the connecting properties at Dobble.

  1. Paranormal Detectives:

A truly beautiful decoration for a guessing game. As a spirit you have to make something clear to the other person via the paranormal route (many options).

  1. Dixit:

Once again a wonderful guessing game. The game is very fun with more than 4 people, plays smoothly. 1 player gives a clue about his card, the rest of the players must place a card face down that matches it. Shuffle cards and place them face up and guess.

  1. Exploding Kittens:

A downright crazy bullying game that is guaranteed to bring a lot of fun. Also consider the 18+ version and the many extensions.

  1. Sushi Go (Party):

A party game with a little more tactics in the form of a card game. Collect the right combinations of sushi and score the most points. Super fast and very interactive.

  1. Loco Coco Nuts (Cards Against Humanity):

As the box says, “a game intended for adults, invented by a bunch of teenagers and made by toddlers”.

  1. Werewolves/Werewords:

A beautiful game with a beautiful story, very suitable for very large groups. There are different variants so that you can really play it with a lot of people or Werewords where you guess words in the different roles.

  1. Mysterium:

A larger party game with a game leader where you have to solve the mystery. Very fun as a family game, even if you are with 5 or 7 people.

  1. Celestia:

Beautiful game with a lot of interaction where you have to estimate the other players. Everyone in the Zappelin and sail away. The only question is, will you stay seated? Do you think the captain can afford the trip to the next town? Guaranteed fun for half an hour, or just 3 times in a row all evening.

  1. Code names:

In search of the secret agents you use code words to indicate the location. Be careful not to involve too many citizens, because then you will be exposed. Or even worse, you run into the killer and it's over! Definitely one of the best team vs team games with a nice theme. How much risk do you dare to take to save everyone?

  1. Finally: The Mind (couldn't be missed on the list according to Floris, so we'll add it as a bonus):

A one of a kind game. Play together and sit down, deal everyone a card and place it on the table in the correct order. No consultation, no signals, just feeling, when does your mind tell you to impose it? Every round you get an extra card, which round do you reach?

There must be a game on this list that will make your party perfect! Still looking further? Then take a look at our party games page

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