On Saturday, November 6, after a 2-year absence, the Games Spectacle was finally back in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. The Meeples Team was also present and played a round of MicroMacro! In this blog I take you along in the search for the death of Bolle Bea in MicroMacro. 

About MicroMacro

First of all, what exactly is MicroMacro? In this new renowned game your job is to solve crimes in the city. It is a combination of Finding Waldo and Black Stories where you look for the story behind the crime based on a short hint. 

You play the game on a map measuring 75 cm by 110 cm containing more than 120 research cards that need to be solved. Due to the amount of searching and concentration that comes with it, MicroMacro also makes one fun 1 person game

Bolle Bea

Our search was for the death of Bolle Bea. This restaurant owner had died as a result of food poisoning. Together with Rients-Auke and Jouke we started looking for the cause and especially the perpetrator. 

The assignment was a 4 star assignment and therefore one of the most difficult assignments in the game. Because the entire map is in black and white, you have to pay close attention and especially look for the steps. We had difficulty with Bolle Bea in this regard. 

After the many steps, we had finally found the last step where things went wrong for Bea. Now the question was, who is the perpetrator? The perpetrator turned out to be an acquaintance of Bea's who literally went for cutthroat competition. I won't say too much about it because you want to be able to solve your crime yourself ;). 

Different levels 

As just mentioned, MicroMacro has different difficulty levels. Bolle Bea's crime was a level 4, making it the second highest level in terms of difficulty. You also have cards that vary from level 1, which can also be played by children, to level 5, where you can stretch your brains. Furthermore, there are 2 different variants within MicroMacro. MicroMacro Full House and MicroMacro Crime City. 

Who is this game really great for?

MicroMacro is perfect for the game players who love solving stories and searching for the solutions. You want a game that you can play alone or with someone at any time of the day. 

The features of the game are as follows: 

  • Number of players: 1-4
  • Best with: 2
  • Time: 15-45 minutes
  • Age: 10+
  • Language: Dutch
  • Complexity: Simple
  • Dicetower Judgment: Approval
  • Legacy: No
  • Co-op: No

Game for you?

MicroMacro Crime City Full House If you ask me, it is a must have in the games cabinet. This award winning game is easy to play and constantly amazes you with its brilliance. At the games spectacle, I was Floris happy that Jouke and Rients-Auke were there. Without them I would probably still be looking for the cause of Bolle Bea's death. 

MicroMacro can be purchased for €32.99 in our store. Click on these links to view our MicroMacros to watch. 

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