Savannah Park


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Create herds of animals on the African savannah. By cleverly moving tiles you create groups of animals, which in combination with water sources are worth points. But be careful: animals are chased away during forest fires. Whoever plans ahead the smartest wins this easy-to-learn tactical tile game.

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Product description Savannah Park

In Savannah Park you go on safari in the African savannahs!

The African savannas form a rich animal landscape, which is, however, not without danger. It is important for the animals to live in herds. The herds also need access to water and shelter from trees and shrubs. Furthermore, the animals must be careful of forest fires.
In Savannah Park you have to move hexagonal tiles in your personal tableau in such a way that you get the largest possible herds of the same animals. The more water sources visible on the herd's animal tiles, the more valuable this herd becomes. You have to plan ahead when moving the tiles. For example, there are three fixed points with forest fires, which ensure that animal tiles are chased away. This is how herds can be broken up.
Savannah Park contains several variants. For example, you can play Savannah Park with a variable landscape tableau, with extra rules for lions, as a solo version or as a lighter version for children. Savannah Park is easy to learn and plays quickly. Ideal for the whole family!

4 storage boxes
4 park tables
168 tokens, per player 33 animal tokens, 6 tree tokens and 3 forest fire tokens
1 score table
12 playing figures, 4 meerkats, 4 farmers, 4 lions
rules of the game

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About the publisher 999 Games

999 Games is the Netherlands' largest publisher of board games with 35 employees and a range of well-known games such as: “Catan” and “Carcassonne”

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EAN: 8720289472351
SKU: 999-SAV01

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