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Create a deck of cards with your money, victory points, and actions you can perform. Due to the different combinations of kingdom cards, every game is different. In this second edition, 6 cards have been replaced and 1 has been added.

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Product description Dominion

In Dominion you try to form the strongest possible deck during the game, so that you have the most points at the end of the game. The cards in your deck always rotate from your draw pile to your hand, after which they go to your discard pile. When your draw pile is empty, shuffle your discard pile so that you have a new draw pile. Each turn you may perform 1 action and make 1 purchase. The different cards in your hand help you with this or can increase this number. Money cards form your capital for that turn. You can't do anything with point cards on your turn, but you ultimately need them to win the game. This second edition of Dominion contains points cards, money cards and 26 different kingdom cards. Compared to the first edition, 6 kingdom cards have been replaced and 1 has been added. Every turn you buy additional cards, so you can achieve your goal in your own way. Do you go for a constructive method with the Forge, the Village and the Market, or do you try a more aggressive way with the Witch or the Militia? Because only 10 of the 26 kingdom cards are used in each game, Dominion is different every time. Dominion is one of the few expert games that you can play within half an hour. And if you have more time, just play several games in a row!

Dominion will suit you if you are also enthusiastic about it Clank! Catacombs.

About the publisher 999 Games

999 Games is the Netherlands' largest publisher of board games with 35 employees and a range of well-known games such as: “Catan” and "Time after time"

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EAN: 8719214423322
SKU: 999-DOM01N

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