The Search for El Dorado: Dangers & Muisca


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New adventures in the Quest for El Dorado! This extension introduces the new modules “Hazards” and “Muisca”. The Muisca are a mysterious tribe that wants to help you find the city of gold. “Dangers” brings new challenges, such as crocodiles, rapids and temples with keys to the City of Gold. Combine with new cave tokens for even more variety!

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Product description The Search for El Dorado: Dangers & Muisca

In The Quest for El Dorado: Dangers & Muisca you return to the City of Gold!

New adventures await you in the search for El Dorado!
Along the way you will encounter new areas with dangerous terrain, such as rivers with rapids, swamps with crocodiles and mountains with risk zones. You also now have to visit temples to find the artifacts that allow you to open the gate to El Dorado. But there is also help. The mysterious Muisca tribe is ready to help you in the quest for the City of Gold.

The Quest for El Dorado: Dangers and Muisca is a new expansion consisting of two modules. The “Hazards” module introduces new terrain tiles. These tiles are littered with danger zones where you are not allowed to end your turn. This module also contains the new terrain type swamps, which you can only walk through carefully and card by card because of crocodiles.

The “Muisca” module introduces the new Muisca cards. You can buy these cards at the market tableau and work just like the other cards, with one difference. Instead of playing the card as normal, you can also place it in front of you. This way you keep the Muisca card and can use it in the next turn, which gives many more tactical possibilities.
Both modules can be played separately or with other expansions. This provides plenty of variety for fans of The Search for El Dorado!

The Search for El Dorado: Dangers & Muisca will suit you if you are also enthusiastic about it The Quest for El Dorado: Heroes & Demons.

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999 Games is the Netherlands' largest publisher of board games with 35 employees and a range of well-known games such as: “Catan” and “Carcassonne”

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EAN: 8720289474492
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