The Great Dalmuti


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Life isn't fair...and that goes for The Great Dalmuti too!

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Life isn't fair... and that goes for The Great Dalmuti too! You can be king one turn, a servant the next. Fight for the highest social class and crown yourself The Great Dalmuti!

Eighty playing cards must be played as quickly as possible. If you manage to get rid of your cards first, you will be The Great Dalmuti the next round. However, if you finish last, you will be the Great Servant of The Great Dalmuti for the next round and you must always collect, shuffle and deal out all the cards... As Great Dalmuti, beware of the Fool's Revolution and the cunning of your subjects: you can to be dethroned again! The deck of cards is shuffled and divided among the players.

In each game round, The Great Dalmuti starts with the first trick. He plays a random card or several cards of the same rank. Moving clockwise, players must now play a higher card or a higher set of cards (with the same number of cards) or pass. A set consists of 2 or more cards that are equal in rank. During a trick, a player can play or pass cards several times. The trick ends when all players have passed. The player who has played the highest card or the highest set starts the next trick. Once a player has played his last card, he wins the game round. He is The Great Dalmuti in the next game round. The second player to play his cards becomes the Little Dalmuti and so on.

After each game round, The Great Dalmuti receives one point for each of his subjects. In a game with 5 people he gets 4 points. The new Little Dalmuti then receives 3 points for his subjects, and so on. Only the Great Servant always gets 0 points. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner!

Number of players: 4-8
Best with: 6-7
Time: 15 minutes
Age: 8+
Language: Dutch
Complexity: Simple
Dicetower Judgment: None
Legacy: No
Co-op: No

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Number of Players

4-8 players

Game duration

15 minutes

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