My first adventure at a board game night!

Friday September 17 was the special day when I went to a board game evening for the first time. Today I am happy to take you on my adventure and tell you about the experiences I gained during my first board game evening!

How it started

The story started on the afternoon of September 17 when I received a text from Rients-Auke: “Would you like to go to the board game evening in Swifterbant tonight?”. I hadn't planned anything for that evening and I thought it would be fun to experience a board game evening, so I texted Rients-Auke that I was there!

A few hours later I parked my car on the doorstep of Rients-Auke, who then came out with a shopping bag full of games and with that we were ready for the board game evening! Once we arrived in Biddinghuizen, we had the challenging choice of deciding which game we were going to play.

The choice of game

The groups were divided among the different games and I joined Rients-Auke in a group of 4 to play the Spirit Island game. We started the explanation with no idea what the game entailed. After half an hour of explaining and preparing we were ready to start. Still having a vague idea of how exactly the game worked, I was assigned the task of The Earth. With this character I specialized in defense and with that I could help my fellow players. Before I continue with my story, I will first explain the game spirit island.

About Spirit Island

Spirit Island is a cooperative game where you, as spirits, have to chase away the island's inhabitants. With many different characters, each with their own specialties, you can adjust the difficulty level to your own ability. The game is a difficult game to learn without an experienced player, but once you know the game it is a challenging game that you can play more often.

Game flow

In the middle of the game I was still struggling to understand the game. What was particularly striking was the thinking time that Rients-Auke needed to make his decisions. Partly because I did not understand the game perfectly, I quickly made my choices and ensured that the other players could attack while I defended the tiles. In the end we ran out of time to finish the game but the way the situation looked it looked like we would win.

What did I think of it?

At the end of the evening I was asked what I thought of the evening. At that moment I mainly had a realization moment where I became aware of the number of games that existed and how difficult it is to understand everything properly. It was great fun to do and in this way you gain a lot of board game knowledge.


Looking for a board game evening or curious about Spirit Island?

If you are also curious about a board game evening or the Spirit Island game. Then look at the Facebook group or check the Spirit Island product page via this link

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