Clever, dobbel zo clever en Clever 3e macht

Although Clever is now quite a well-known game, I would like to introduce it briefly before going into the game itself and the different versions.

Clever is a so-called roll & write just like Yathzee and Qwixx. In short, it involves rolling dice and checking off boxes that meet the conditions. What makes Clever different is that you can make combos. A combo is nothing more than a combination of crossed off boxes that gives a bonus. In a combo, the bonus consists of checking off another box, which also gives the possibility of a bonus, and so on. This is in addition to the normal scores. Clever is therefore a considerable strategic challenge that requires some careful thought or a lot of luck. The different versions play exactly with those two factors.

There are now three versions of Clever. The first, which simply “Clever" is called. The second one that “roll the dice so cleverly” and the third one called “Clever to the 3rd power" is called. The idea behind all three is the same, the colors of the dice and the way of scoring differ. But that's not the only difference.

Clever is still a pretty straightforward version. It is a step above a basic roll & write such as Yahtzee or the lesser known Qwinto. But it is still fairly clear, especially after playing a few times. The overview also helps you quickly understand how you can make fun combos and thus achieve high scores.

Dice so cleverly takes it a step further. But above all a bit of luck. You can make great combos, increase your chances of achieving those combos, but you also need a bit of luck. That makes this version more suitable for the less strategic player or if you play with people who have less feeling for these types of combos. Then it's a fun game of luck versus strategy. Also fun with slightly older children.

Clever until the third power adds to the strategic side of Clever. So if you like to think things through, I would definitely choose this one. The combos are challenging to understand, but the reward is also worthwhile. Of course, that doesn't come without a struggle, so this is one to do often and get better at each time.

In summary. A regular Clever, a Dice so Clever for gambling or a Clever to the 3rd power for the real thinkers.

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